How do Roofing Companies Work with Insurance Companies?





How do Roofing Companies Work with Insurance Companies?

How do Roofing Companies Work with Insurance Companies

Occasionally, spring storms roll through the area without becoming severe enough to cause damage. However if a roof is damaged due to a storm, it’s up to the homeowner to initiate the process of filing a claim. Working with the insurance company can be a confusing and time-consuming procedure. It’s easy for homeowners to feel over their head, especially when dealing with a potential insurance claim for the first time. Which is why a trusted and knowledgeable roofing company, like Superior Roofing, is so valuable. Roofing companies help guide homeowners throughout the stages of the claims process and intercede on their behalf when needed. 

Roofing Company’s Involvement in the Stages of Fixing a Hail Damaged Roof

Initial Inspection: A roofing contractor will perform a detailed inspection with documentation if there’s any damage. After determining if there is a need to open a claim, the homeowner will contact their insurance company to start the claims process.

Insurance Adjuster Inspection: Once a claim is opened up, the insurance company will send out an agent to assess the damage. At this stage, the roofing contractor will be there at the site with the insurance adjuster. They show the adjuster the damages found during the initial inspection and provide their expertise on what’s needed for roofing repairs.

Advocate for the Homeowner with Adjuster: Oftentimes, there are discrepancies between a roofing company’s quote and the amount approved by the adjuster. This is why roofing companies are involved in this process. They work to ensure that all damages are accurately assessed and to advocate for the homeowner. They provide their reasons for the repair costs as well as verify the homeowner’s insurance pays for what they're supposed to without missing areas.

Claim is finalized and Repairs Begin: Time is of the essence when dealing with roof repairs. So after the claim is approved, roofing companies will start preparing for repairs as soon as possible. 

How Long to Claim Hail Damage on Roof?

Many insurance policies have specific deadlines from the date of the damage to make a storm damage claim. Depending on the company and the policy, the deadline can range from six months to a year after the storm. However, a homeowner should never wait to file a claim on their roof. The minimal damage that occurred several months ago will only grow overtime, leading to leaks and other damages. Furthermore, the additional damages might create a cause for the insurance company to deny the claim since it wasn’t fixed earlier. Protect your home, and your wallet, by proactively making repairs to your roof! At Superior Roofing, we can support you through the claims process. Our roofing experts are there to help fight for your roofing needs. If you believe your roof has any storm damage, schedule for an inspection today! 

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