How Long Does it Take to Replace a Roof?





How Long Does it Take to Replace a Roof?


How Long Does it Take to Replace a Roof

When needing a roof replacement, many homeowners ask us “How long does it take to replace a roof?” This can be a tough question for a roofing contractor to answer. Not just because of factors that play a role in determining a timeframe, but also because good quality craftsmanship takes time. A roof is a significant investment for homeowners and is one that can be compromised by poor workmanship. Overall for Superior roofing, our average timeframe is around 2 weeks for materials and 2 days for replacing the roof and cleaning up. Honest, open communication with our clients is something we take very seriously. If there are expected delays, we readily work to keep our client informed in every step of the process. 

As mentioned above, many factors can shorten or extend our average building times, including:

    •  Roof size: The roof size is one of the more obvious factors that affect the timeframe as a bigger, more complex size roof will take longer than average.
    • Roof pitch: Steeper roof pitches will require extra safety precautions and place limitations on keeping roofing materials close at hand until needed. On the other hand, shallow pitches may need additional materials to protect the home from leaks which take more time.
    • Roof Condition: a roof in good, but aged, condition and only needs to replace the shingles or metal sheeting can be finished reasonably quick. However, any structural damage underneath the roofing material will need to be fixed first and increases the estimated timeframe.
    • Roofing Materials: As different types of materials are applied in distinct ways, metal sheets to packs of individual shingles, the average time it takes can vary. Furthermore, there could be delays in material delivery, where the average timeframe for waiting on materials is around 2-3 weeks.
    • Weather Conditions and Time of Year: From the amount of daylight available to the day’s temperature, weather conditions play a significant role in how long a roof replacement takes.

Benefits of Roof Replacement

There are several benefits of a roof replacement, including the two most important aspects of a roof:

    • Curb Appeal: Roof condition while selling your home has a significant effect on curb appeal for home inspectors and potential buyers
    • Protection: Sense of ease of your home being protected from the elements without accumulating structural damages from aging materials

Should I Stay Home during Roof Replacement? 

Many homeowners wish to be home during a roof replacement but often don’t think about the constant noise levels. Shingle roof replacements, for example, where every shingle has to be nailed down can create significant noise. While it’s perfectly fine to stay home during roof replacements, it’s encouraged to plan to be away during this time. Don’t forget about your indoor pets as the noise and unfamiliar people can cause stress. 

If you have further questions about roof replacements, reach out to our roofing experts today! At Superior Roofing, we take great pride in our craftsmanship and customer service. If it’s time to replace your roof, our roofing contractors are dedicated to quality and replacing a roof correctly. 

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